earthweal open link weekend #15

A bird’s silhouette is seen on a streetlight as super moon rises over Ankara, Turkey on April 7, 2020. (Getty Images)


Welcome to earthweal open link weekend #15.

Here’s your chance to show your poetic colors, whichever one (or more) suits you, be it pretty in present pink or steely in retro blue.

Share something new or a classic from the past. Include your location in your link so we get a feel how wide the global choir is.  And be sure to visit your fellow linkers and comment.

Open link weekend ends at midnight EST Sunday night to make room for Monday’s weekly challenge. Sherry Marr takes the reins again on April 13 with a challenge on relations between humans and animals in a time of pandemic.

– Brendan


5 thoughts on “earthweal open link weekend #15

  1. Hello, fellow poets. I hope you are all staying safe at home this weekend. I am looking forward to hearing how things are in your part of the world. Canada is still managing to keep on top of the numbers. It is more difficult in large centres, like the Lower Mainland in B.C., and big cities in the east. B.C. is, at the moment, flattening the curve, but they advise this depends on the public’s continued cooperation. This is one beast of a virus. Stay in and stay safe.


    • Thanks Sherry — Certainly the boom lowers variously in cities and rural areas, between states, countries, continents … here it’s been a slow storm not yet arrived, a few cases slowly picking up steam, outrunning patience & pocketbooks. Here in Florida the recently unemployed are growing desperate for money for food, housing, medicines as an unemployment computer system engineered back in 2011 to keep people from getting government money (it truly was) now fails even to pay Republican workers … Silent days in our small town, neighborhoods lively with bored neighbors doing house projects and talking over fences, etc. Patience is no American virtue and we have weeks, maybe months still to go.


  2. That is terrible. Here the government is giving people unemployed due to the pandemic two thousand a month for four months. They are spending huge amounts,in every direction, I dont know how the economy will bear this going forward. I feel sad for people in the US, this situation is stressful enough, financial disaster on top of it must be so scary.


  3. Happy Easter everyone!

    Today I felt I managed some real hope and joy. So I hope to spread some of it! ❤️

    It’s all about ART, so delete my link if I’m too far off mark. 😀


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