earthweal open link weekend #17

Welcome to earthweal’s open Link Weekend #17.

Link a poem that best suits your own theme or mood, be it new or oldie gold. Include your location in your link so we get a feel for the breadth of global reportage. And be sure to visit your fellow linkers and comment.

Open link weekend ends at midnight EST Sunday night to make room for Monday’s weekly challenge.

I look forward to seeing you all here.





2 thoughts on “earthweal open link weekend #17

  1. Hi kids. Still here. A little tattered and torn, as eastern Canada had a VERY rare mass shooting that has shocked the nation. On top of the virus, it is a bit much. Our only other mass shooting was in 1989. This has been tough. I am grteful for writing, as a way to make my way through this INCOMPREHENSIBLE world we are living in. Stay safe.


    • Thanks Sherry — the invasion of our insane contemporary life — as well as rising tidal rhythms of a climate crisis — all make this fraught pandemic season magnitudes more anxious. It’s like three climate events striking at once. And there’s nothing really we can do about that. Except share the angst and grief …


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