earthweal open link weekend #28

Spraying for textually transmitted diseases.


Welcome to earthweal’s open link weekend #28.

Thanks again to Sarah Connor for handling this week’s challenge … A fine array of contributions and great to see some new faces!

Open link forums provide an opportunity to freshen the well with upwellings from many depths and cultures. Stay with this week’s challenge, comment on another or swim free-style in manner of your own choosing. What’s interesting, strange and/or wonderful around your barrier reef?

For a sense of the global involvement, include your location in your link. And be sure to visit your fellow linkers and comment.

Our open linkfest ends Sunday night at midnight EST to make room for the next weekly challenge.


3 thoughts on “earthweal open link weekend #28

  1. Just a thought. Is it completely necessary to name particular poems as favourites in comments. It brings in a competitive and judgemental edge. Surely the new world we all want to see will be based on inclusion and acceptance of all regardless of ability. Of course we all often prefer one thing over another but is it completely necessary to name favourites. Would you name your favourite child when all your other chidren were present?


  2. That’s a very good point, Suzanne. I suspect I am guilty of that on occasion, at the time simply thinking I want the poet to know how much I enjoyed the poem. I will be more careful of this in future. I admire EVERYONE’S work, it goes without saying, some poems just hit me where I live extra hard. Thanks for the input.


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