earthweal open link weekend #30


Welcome to earthweal’s open link weekend #30.

Here’s a chance to share something from your wider repertoire, whether brand new or goldie oldie.

Be sure to include your location in your link and honor your fellow linkers with a comment.

Last call for open links is Sunday night round midnight EST, at which time we roll out the next weekly challenge. (Thanks to Sherry for a great job hosting the challenge this past week; and to all for so many great responses!)


4 thoughts on “earthweal open link weekend #30

  1. Thanks, Brendan, and thank you to everyone for taking part. I loved reading every single poem about your connections and encounters with the critters.


  2. Thank you, Sherry, for your inspirational prompt. I took the liberty of using it to write a reply to Mother Earth. I apologise for forgetting to include my location in my link..


  3. Thank you Sherry, for a great week of creatures of all kinds. I’ve just been scrolling through my earthweal posts – we’ve covered a lot of big stuff. I wonder if there’s more we can do with these poems?

    I’ve linked up a golden oldie of mine. Happy weekend.


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