earthweal open link weekend #32


Howdy earthlings,

Welcome to earthweal’s open link weekend #32. During open link weekend you’re invited to write to your own challenge, whatever that may be.

Be sure to include where you’re linking from and visit your fellow linkers and comment.

Last call for open links is Sunday night round midnight EST, at which time we roll out the next weekly challenge. Sarah Connor returns with a delightful one titled LOST WORDS.

What’s the news in your world?


7 thoughts on “earthweal open link weekend #32

  1. Hi friends, another week, another batch of stunning news reports, capped by Russia warning they will use a nuclear response to any perceived threat. Sigh. On we go, in our Present Reality. Stay as safe as is possible.


  2. Hi, earthwealers! I’m trawling my back catalogue at the moment. The poem I linked is the second poem I ever blogged – it still seems relevant today, as children remain in danger all over the world. There have been scenes of desperate migrants landing in the UK this week, and vitriol poured over them by the right wing press. Several of them are unaccompanied minors. There is outrage at the idea that children should be cared for. I am ashamed of my country at the moment.


  3. Trying to shake the blackness of this week, month, year, and my recent writing and non-writing, quite clearly the definition of “easier said than done” but sometimes a dream rides into the bloody fray… thanks for hosting.


  4. Hello all, I’m sharing a tanka today from the sunny Scottish Highlands and look forward to swinging by later to read xxx


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