earthweal open link weekend #36


Greetings all,

And welcome to earthweal open link weekend #36. Share a favorite poem, visit your fellow linkers and comment.

Open link runs from now to midnight Sunday, Then Sherry’s back with us for the next weekly challenge, which she titles “Considering The Beyond-Human Realm.”

Lots happening on our earth. Let’s hear your news.


7 thoughts on “earthweal open link weekend #36

  1. Hi Brendan, I’m very pleased to have discovered Earthweal this week. I think a forum like this is very much needed in these turbulent times. I’ve left a link my poem on the subject of fires. I’ve been writing a lot about fire this week, even before the I read reports of the latest wildfires in the US. Wishing strength and hope to all those affected.


    • We’re so happy to have you here, Ingrid. Fire has become the weal of a foreign earth. People walk in smoke and orange horizons and don’t know who or where they are any more. Australia in their last summer saw 3 million acres of wildfire, a size astonishing to the world. Now between California, Oregon and Washington state on the US West Coast, almost 5 million acres have burned, and it’s STILL EARLY in the fire season. And Brazil burns. And the Siberian Arctic burns. Weirdly, pandemic has benumbed attention to this, and the howlingly awful President of the United States has yet to utter a word of empathy for those states because they trend Democratic. This is climate change at just one degree C above 1880 levels, and we are headed for 3 or 4 degrees C by the end of this century. What world is this? – Brendan

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      • It’s terrifying, upsetting, frustrating: I too got distracted by the pandemic (at least we stopped driving and flying for 3 months) but I’m starting to wake up to the reality again. It’s not an easy one to face.


  2. Howlingly awful president is right – the empathy of a vampire. The fires are heavily on my mind. I am breathing their smoke right now, it has come up to southern B.C. The cost in human and animal suffering along the western seaboard is incalculable. Lovely to meet you, Ingrid.


  3. I didn’t think that I would find the words today, so I linked a shorter one. But then I did write something so will link it, too. It is a hard read – and a hard reality, but it is where we are. Sigh. Once again, I am glad to have a forum in which to put this type of poem, where readers grasp this spot we’re in and are brave enough not to turn away. Thanks, Brendan.


  4. Dear Sherry, I have tried to comment on both of your poems but at least one of my comments kept disappearing. I noticed your warning about comments from WordPress. I just wanted to say, you have done an excellent job of capturing the tragedy both human and animal wrought by the wildfires. May we wake up from our sleepwalk into the Apocalypse!


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