earthweal open link weekend #38

An adult male jaguar rests after treatment for burn injuries on his paws after a fire in the Pantanal tropical wetlands region of Brazil. (Reuters)


Hello friends,

Welcome to earthweal open link weekend #38. Share a favorite poem fresh or vintage and visit your fellow linkers and comment.

Open link runs til midnight Sunday when the next weekly challenge rolls out.


3 thoughts on “earthweal open link weekend #38

  1. I went back two years and found a little poem I wrote for Sherry’s Wordy Thursday with Wild Woman at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.
    This morning, we are recovering from a wild, wet and windy day and night with flooding, blown down trees and branches, and a five hour powercut. It must be abating because both cats have gone out after spending all of yesterday and last night hiding indoors. I wonder if this is a sign of what to expect this winter.

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  2. Brendan, image you have used for this post is heartbreaking. I’ve added another apocalyptic poem: these seem to be coming naturally to me at the moment. Thank you for hosting another Open Link Weekend at Earthweal.


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