earthweal Open Link Weekend #39


Greetings earthwealers,

Welcome to open link weekend. Post a favorite poem, visit your fellow linkers and comment.

Open link lasts til Sunday night at midnight EST.

— Brendan

4 thoughts on “earthweal Open Link Weekend #39

  1. I was looking back at old posts and found a poem I shared back in October 2020, which I realised can be read as an eco poem. Human beings put so much plastic, various chemicals and medicines in waste into the oceans without thinking of the consequences. Anything could happen to the creatures that have been living in them even longer than we have existed.


  2. Hi folks, posted an older poem, written when I was in a more hopeful period. Smiles. But on we go………..I am getting ready to pack and and move to a yet smaller place – each of my last several moves has required downsizing – this time it will be a definitive downsizing. It is actually a relief to purge.


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