earthweal open link weekend #49

A long-eared owl near the village of Beyobası in Turkey. Getty Images


Welcome to earthweal’s open link weekend #49. Share a favorite poem and visit your fellow linkers and comment.

The open link bar will be open until midnight Sunday when the next weekly challenge rolls out.

— Brendan

3 thoughts on “earthweal open link weekend #49

  1. Hi kids, the weekends come so quickly these days when not much else is happening. How is that? I managed to write one poem this week. Linking it.


  2. Hi, I can’t comment on Margarets blog, to tell her how much I love her poem. Blogspot is demanding I download an executable –which I won’t do for securty reasons. Strangely I can comment on other Blogspot blogs….

    Can anyone help/advise?


  3. Hmmm…..I went to her site, and saw a line under the comment form that says choose an identity. I am signed in under google. I dont know what the other options are. Did you click that to see if there is a sign-in option you already use? Given there is also verification, not sure why your comment isnt going through, but you might try leaving it here for Margaret. Thanks, kiddo.


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