earthweal open link weekend #51


Happy New Year earrhwealers, and welcome to our 51st open link weekend and first of 2021. Gotta get used to using that new number!

Share a favorite poem and stop by your fellow linkers and comment.

Open link lasts til midnight EST Sunday night when we make room for the first weekly challenge of the new year. Sherry steps in with one she has titled, “When Animals Speak.”

Have fun!

— Brendan

11 thoughts on “earthweal open link weekend #51

  1. Warmest wishes for the new year, friends. Will link in a bit. I lost track of what day it was, with all of the holidays. Earthweal is almost one year old. Thank you, Brendan, for this forum. I think it kept me sane through a very challenging year.

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    • Thanks Sherry, all, for making earthweal an affectionate, earnest, growing and serious earth tribe. And Sherry, your work and support here have been earth and water and breeze.


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