earthweal open link weekend #75

Critically endangered vultures in Siem Pang wildlife sanctuary in Cambodia. Three species are on the edge of extinction.


Greetings, and welcome to earthweal open link weekend #75. Share a favorite poem and visit your fellow linkers and admire.

The open link forum will last to midnight Sunday 7-18 EST when the next weekly challenge rolls out.  We’ll also give a nod to Ingrid Wilson and the publication of her Anthropocene Hymnal, of which many in the earthweal community have contributed.

Happy linking!— Brendan


1 thought on “earthweal open link weekend #75

  1. Hi poet friends. Hope all is well where you are. It is not, in many areas. Rather scary how quickly this is accelerating. But on we go, one day at a time, grateful for what safety and peace we have.


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