earthweal weekly challenge: A TIMBERED CHOIR


Trees are cramming tragic earth news of late: old growth timber sawed at Fairy Creek, grand sequoias threatened by wildfire approaching California’s Sierra Nevada, tree cover vanishing in cities (about 36 million trees a year for the past five years, according to the US Forest Service), more than 150 million trees in California dying off due to drought. The loss has been devastating to the planet’s carbon sinks and lead to cascading effects of climate change .

In a tale-of-the-times move, firefighters in the Sierra Nevada are wrapping foil around the bases some of the grandest trees to ward off the flames, including General Sherman, the world’s tallest tree at 275 feet and older than Alexander the Great. Last year’s Castle Fire killed between 7,000 to 10,000 of the sequoias.

Wrapping The General

For this week’s challenge, let’s spend some time and thought in our hearts with trees, for nurture, communication, grace and grief. You decide.


6 thoughts on “earthweal weekly challenge: A TIMBERED CHOIR

  1. I am taking you to a very sacred place in my old growth forest, on the western slope of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. This sacred place holds many memories and much magic for me.It is profound in my life, and I wish to share it! There is a elf that guards it. You will likely meet her as well. She may play and dance for you. Please,,, Come along… 🙂


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