earthweal open link weekend #94


Greetings all,

Hope the week has not been to wild or woolly, overfed or ripe — And welcome to earthweal open link weekend #94. Share a favorite poem and visit your fellow linkers to comment.

The open link forum lasts until midnight Sunday EST when the next weekly challenge rolls out.

Happy linking!


3 thoughts on “earthweal open link weekend #94

  1. There is a lot going on here, folks….atmospheric rivers dumping so much rain in a short period that major highways, infrastructure and entire towns have been destroyed.Thousands displaced, thousands of domestic livestock drowned in their barns, untold numbers of domestic and wild animals also drowned. Right now we are in the midst of storms two and three. The fourth – Monday and Tuesday – is supposed to be the worst yet, in areas already flooded. It isnt looking good. In my town, we have had flooded roads and sinkholes……..but we do have old growth which helps to absorb some of the excessive moisture. Our only road out through the mountains, already dangerous, is impacted. We are on emergency alert, told to be ready to go – but go where? we live on a peninsula, one road out along the ocean. My challenge on Monday will tell you more about it. Literally Dispatches From the Edge. Yikes. Hopefully power will stay on, and I will still be here to read your responses. LOL. I trust I will be. But if I go quiet, just know it is only the power going out and I will catch up when I am online again. I truly hoped this would all be happening after I was safely dead. But apparently not, so we deal with it as it comes. We al need to get very vocal with our ridiculous governments to reduce emissions and switch to clean energy. They are talking as if this is a once in 100 years event…..this will keep happening……….it is not a one-off. Stay safe, people. This can happen anywhere at any time.


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