earthweal open link weekend #115


Happy Earth Day, and welcome to earthweal open link weekend #115! Share a favorite earth poem and visit your fellow linkers and comment.

Link forum is open to midnight Sunday when the next weekly challenge rolls out.

Thanks to Sherry for taking up this week’s fine challenge. Great work.

Happy linking!


2 thoughts on “earthweal open link weekend #115

  1. Thanks, Sherry. I appreciate this opportunity to share one of mine. I hope you don’t mind it too much that it’s not poetry. It’s pretty long. But I feel it’s a perfect fit for the present Earth Day Awareness Efforts and why not share something that we need to repeat often. I bless you. I mentioned this website and experiments in fiction as well. I bless you again. xoxo


  2. Thank you for your kind words, Selma. So glad you found earthweal. I am grateful to Brendan for this forum where we can share our thoughts and feelings about the climate crisis – a place where we all speak the same language. Smiles.


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