earthweal open link weekend #117

Greetings to all and welcome to earthweal open link weekend #117. Share a favorite poem and visit your fellow linkers to comment.

Links accepted until midnight Sunday EST when the next weekly challenge rolls out.

Happy linking!



3 thoughts on “earthweal open link weekend #117

  1. Hello, poet friends. Wishing you all a happy weekend. The sun is out here after an especially rainy April. Tomorrow I head to the far beaches, where I rarely go.


  2. Happy Saturday! I have a lot of thoughts rotating in my head so I thought I would share a poem. A planetary parade started lining up at the end of April and can still be seen right before sunrise. Has any one seen it? I did get a glimpse one morning. Just amazing spheres of light in the dark sky.


  3. It sounds amazing. If only I could get my old bones up early enough to go to the beach and see it. Well, you never know. Stranger things have happened. LOL.


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