earthweal open link weekend #144


Welcome to open link weekend #144 at earthweal. Share a favorite poem or two and then visit your fellow linkers to comment.

The link forum is open until midnight Sunday EST when the next weekly challenge rolls out.

Happy linking!

— Brendan


1 thought on “earthweal open link weekend #144

  1. I am sharing a post that I originally posted to my Image & Verse site 15 years ago. It came to my mind because of a response I made here to Brendan‘s post. I feel it’s somewhat interesting, not only because of what it says about the era in which I wrote the song, but also what the comments reveal about the pre-MAGA, pre-COVID era in which I originally posted it 15 years ago. It’s just a little sump’n sump’n I wanted to share. Hope it provides a chuckle or a groan.


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