open link weekend #145


Welcome to earthweal’s open link weekend #145. Share a favorite poem and then visit your fellow linkers to comment.

The link forum is open until midnight Sunday EST when the next weekly challenge rolls out.

Happy linking!

— Brendan


2 thoughts on “open link weekend #145

  1. Hi everyone, I thought I would put this comment here so that everyone on Earthweal knows what I am doing. I have decided to make my blog ‘Mapping Uncertainty’ private for the time being and to withdraw from WordPress while I work on some offline creative projects.

    To Hedgewitch, thank you for asking for access to my blog but for now it’s not open for visitors. I’ve been blogging for years and am feeling burnt out. Right now I need some down time.

    I’ve enjoyed responding to the many creative and thought provoking prompts on Earthweal. Hopefully sometime in the new year I will have consolidated my creative direction and will be motivated to write more poetry.

    Thank you – Suzanne

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    • Thanks for checking in Suzanne and we all wish you fruitful work in your private garden. Poets don’t fare all that well exposed to too much light. (I’m so grateful for the Brendan mask.) Bring us back some news when the time feels ripe.

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