earthweal open link weekend #146


Welcome to earthweal’s open link weekend #146. Share a favorite poem and then visit your fellow linkers to comment.

The link forum is open until midnight Sunday EST when the next weekly challenge rolls out.

Happy linking!

— Brendan

5 thoughts on “earthweal open link weekend #146

    • There is an incompatibility between wordpress and blogger when it comes to commenting. Not always but sometimes. Usually someone has to go into their spam comments and note that the comment is not spam but legitimate. I just checked and surmise that is what is happening, as you are one on blogger and the other on wordpress. I have encountered this problem for years – it is frustrating, as it happens even on blogs I have been commenting on or following for years. Hope this helps.

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  1. Perhaps because I am a very visual person,I love image prompts, my imagination runs wild with visual stimulation. I have been a mixed media artist for over 50 years, a digital artist since 1984 working in both raster and vector platforms. I designed consumer home A/V theaters since 1978, which eventually led to my becoming part of George Lucas’ Lucasfilm LTD. So I have been working in image and 3D creation almost as long as I have written lyrics and poems. So image stimulation to inspire my writing is at the top of my desired creative undertakings. After all, my website is entitled Image & Verse. Thank you for offering image prompts Brendan — bravo! You should do it more frequently.


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