I’m tapped out for ideas, so for this week’s challenge write a poem inspired by one of the attached images, or one of your own selection.

Happy ekprhasin’ —























    • Perhaps because I am a very visual person,I love image prompts, my imagination runs wild with visual stimulation. I have been a mixed media artist for over 50 years, a digital artist since 1984 working in both raster and vector platforms. I designed consumer home A/V theaters since 1978, which eventually led to my becoming part of George Lucas’ Lucasfilm LTD. So I have been working in image and 3D creation almost as long as I have written lyrics and poems. So image stimulation to inspire my writing is at the top of my desired creative undertakings. After all, my website is entitled Image & Verse. Thank you for offering image prompts Brendan — bravo! You should do it more frequently.


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