open link forum #153



Greetings, and welcome to earthweal’s open link weekend #153. Share a favorite poem and then visit your fellow linkers to comment.

The link forum is open until midnight Sunday EST.  We’re going to bi-weekly challenges, so the next challenge will roll out Jan. 30.

Happy linking!

— Brendan

4 thoughts on “open link forum #153

  1. Thanks, Brendan. This forum is a wonderful place to share our love and grief – and hope – for Planet Earth. Even if our community is small, it is a place to share. And who knows? There may be readers who read and dont comment, that we dont know about.

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    • Thank you Sherry for all the work you’ve done here. Life has not taken root adequately at earthweal — it could have, but didn’t — but it will so elsewhere. Maybe it’s too painful to stay in the feeling of such looming loss.


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