earthweal open link weekend #155


Greetings, and welcome to earthweal’s open link weekend #155. Share a favorite poem and then visit your fellow linkers to comment.

The link forum is open until midnight Sunday EST.  We’re now doing bi-weekly challenges, so the next challenge will roll out Feb. 13.

Happy linking!

— Brendan

3 thoughts on “earthweal open link weekend #155

  1. This piece to which I have linked, is about the ravaging cruel beast of time and disease. We learned this week that my wife must now battle the beast of cancer. She will not battle it alone — we will battle the ugly, heartless bastard united.


    • I posted a link to a second piece that I finished just today for my wife Kathy. I am mad aa hell. I got the bar fightin’ fire I had when I sang with my bands until 2-3 AM.


  2. Rob, I am so sorry to hear this news. Your wife will appreciate your strength as she goes through what is to come.

    I didnt link this weekend as the time got away on me and I am focusing on editing prose right now.


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